Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Tequila

Are you aware that tequila has health benefits? Probably not! But this popular distilled drink, whose origin is Mexico, offers incredible health benefits. Unfortunately, many brewers label their sugar-based alcohol as tequila which ruins tequila’s reputation. To take advantage of tequila, you should take a product made only from the agave plant. Below are the top 10 reasons why you should consider taking a regular shot of pure tequila.

Health Benefits of Tequila

1.     Tequila Propmotes Weight Loss

The agavins contained in tequila are a type of fructans which should not be confused with fructose. And, while your body can break down fructose, sucrose and other simple sugars, it cannot break down fructans. This means that fructans do not elevate blood sugar level or add any calories to your body.

Moreover, agavins are a type of fiber and therefore help fill your stomach, thus reducing the amount of food you consume. Another way in which you access the weight loss health benefit is that the beverage supports your body in the absorption of calcium. And because calcium is involved in burning body fat, it ultimately helps in weight reduction.

2.     You Will Not Get a Hangover from Drinking Tequila

You have probably experienced terrible post-tequila hangovers. But that is because you took tequila mixed with other drinks, a surefire way of getting yourself a killer hangover. However, pure tequila does not have this effect. Because it is pure and low in sugar, Blanco (white) tequila is easier and friendlier to your body and is metabolized and excreted more quickly.

3.     Tequila Relieves Pain

Tequila works to relieve pain by dilating blood vessels, which improves blood flow and hence reduces pain. For instance, you should start to get relief from a headache within minutes after taking one or two shots of pure tequila. Tequila can also help ease the tension that usually worsens pain. Ensure that you don’t take tequila with other medications contraindicated for use with alcohol.

4.     Tequila Helps to Lower Cholesterol Levels

Researchers have found that tequila lowers the low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also referred to as bad cholesterol and raises the levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol. Agavins are a form of fiber and therefore flush out cholesterol from your blood stream. However, don't diet on tequila. One or two shots of pure tequila every once in a while is enough.

5.     Tequila Helps to Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Researchers have found that agavins present in tequila aid in the production of insulin and therefore, reduce blood sugar levels. This is a great news for patients with diabetes who enjoy taking the occasional drink. However, this will only work if the tequila is taken in its pure form. Mixing it with sweeteners counteracts the effects and beats the purpose. To experience the health benefits of tequila, take a single shot of it on the rocks with a lemon wedge.

6.     Tequila Improves Digestion

Taking one shot of tequila before meals will do wonders for your stomach and the whole process of digestion. The fructans contained in tequila have prebiotic and probiotic properties; these support growth of good bacteria in the intestines. They also combat harmful bacteria within the gut.

7.     Tequila Can Help You Sleep Better

Since it relaxes your body, you will fall asleep much faster, and you will sleep much better. Just one shot is enough to get you sleeping peacefully through the night. Take care not to mix it with other sleep medications. Also, make sure not to be dependent on tequila for your sleep since it can lead to addiction although scientists have discovered that the risk of tequila dependency is very low if you only take one shot a day.

8.     Tequila Can Prevent the Development of Dementia and Osteoporosis

One of the main effects of calcium deficiency is the development of osteoporosis, a disease characterized by brittle bones and loss of tissue. Tequila contains agavins which have been found to help in the absorption of calcium into the body.

Also, researchers have found that when tequila is taken in moderation, it significantly reduces the risk of developing dementia. Note that excess intake of alcohol increases the chances of getting dementia.

9.     Tequila Helps in the Absorption of Some Medications

Aiding in drug absorption is another one of the many health benefits of tequila. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Chron's disease and colitis require medications that take effect in the colon. The fructans in tequila help protect those drugs and act as carriers. Small amounts of tequila also treat colon-related illnesses.

10.    More Benefits

  • It Prevents Colds

Tequila mixed with lemon juice and agave nectar helps ward off colds and flu. Not only that, but it also relieves sore throats and combats bacteria in the intestines.

  • It's Gluten-Free

Unlike most alcoholic drinks, including beer, tequila is good for those looking for a gluten-free drink. Alcoholic beverages made from wheat and barley contain a high concentration of gluten. On the other hand, tequila is made purely from the agave plant, which is gluten-free.

Note: If you are a teetotaler, then it is advisable to remain that way. But if you enjoy alcohol, then do it in moderation because excessive consumption of alcohol can have serious repercussions. To get the health benefits of tequila, only take pure tequila made from the agave plant.

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