Troubled with Water in Ear? Here're 9 Quick Ways to Help

If you swim regularly, you may already know how annoying it sometimes becomes to get water out of your ear. Usually, you do not have to do anything to get water out of your ear, as it drains out naturally, but you should learn how to get water out of ear if it seems to stay in there. Not doing anything to remove that water may lead to infections, such as swimmer's ear. Under no circumstances should you be inserting anything like bobby pins, pens, or even cotton-tipped swabs into the ear canal, as it can damage the lining of the ear canal. Let's find out what you can do in such situations.

Quick and Easy Ways to Get Water Out of Ear

When you have water trapped in your ear canal, you are likely to experience a tickling sensation. You usually do not experience pain, but that tickling sensation may extend from the ear to the throat or jaw. Some people may develop hearing problems. Here is what you can do treat your plugged ear.

1. Chew, Yawn or Blow

The idea is to do something that would ease tension in the Eustachian tubes that connect your middle ear to the back of your nostrils. These tubes are also responsible for regulating air pressure. The motion of chewing or yawning can help prevent buildup of fluid in the Eustachian tubes.

Another trick is to take a deep breath in, use your fingers to close your nostrils, and keep your mouth closed as well. Now, exhale slowly until you notice a slight popping sound. It indicates that the Eustachian tubes are no longer clogged.

2. Create a Vacuum

Place your palm on your ear – try to push it in toward your ear to create some air pressure. While cupping your hand, move your palm away from the ear. Keep repeating the movement to create a suction-like vacuum. It may take a while to unplug your ear, but it is one of the easiest tricks for people who want to know how to get water out of ear. Keep in mind that you should do it with your ear facing down on your palm and not facing upwards.

3. Try a Blow Dryer

It may not be the most common way to treat plugged ears, but it usually works quite well. The idea is to pass dry air over fluid/water inside your ear to turn it into vapor. Be sure to set your dryer to its lowest airflow and heat settings. Keep the dryer about a foot away from your head and let it run for at least 30 seconds.

4. Make Use of Heat Compress

You can use a heat compress to unclog the Eustachian tubes. Simply soak a washcloth in hot water, wring out any excess water, and place it against your ear to open up the tubes. Be sure to place it for 30 seconds and then do the same after a minute. After doing it for 4 times, lie down keeping the affected ear facing down to help the water drain out.

5. Opt for Steam

You can also inhale steam to open up the Eustachian tubes, which will help get water out of your ear. Take hot steaming water in a bowl, lean over it with a towel around your head, and inhale the steam for 10 minutes. Now, tilt your head keeping your affected ear facing down to help unplug your ear.

6. Use Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol

Wondering how to get water out of ear? The combination of vinegar and rubbing alcohol works because alcohol helps dry up fluid in your ear and vinegar helps prevent infections. Combine a tsp. each of vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Now, fill a dropper with this solution and put a couple of drops into your ear. Gently rub the opening of your ear canal and wait for 30 seconds. Then, tilt your head to get rid of any fluid in the ear.

7. Salt for Plugged Ears

To unplug your ears, you can also take advantage of a hot salt compress. Take one-fourth cup of salt and heat it in your microwave. Take a cotton cloth, put some salt in it, and tie it well. Keep it close to your ear for a couple of minutes to treat your plugged ear.

8. Hydrogen Peroxide for Quick Relief

You can use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of water in your ear. It has effervescent property and can help get water out of your ear. Take hydrogen peroxide in a dropper and put 4 drops into your affected ear. Leave it there for a couple of minutes and then tilt your head to get fluid out of your affected ear.

9. Olive Oil for Good Effects

To help get fluid out of your ear, you can rely on olive oil, which also serves as an antiseptic. Take some olive oil and warm it slightly before putting it in a dropper. Put a few drops in your ear and leave it there for 10 minutes before tilting your head to get rid of excess water.


It is important to learn how to get water out of ears, but you need to understand how you can prevent the issue from happening in the first place.

  • No matter if you are swimming in a pool, in the ocean, or in a bath, ensure that you dry your ears every time you have completed a swimming session.
  • Always use a clean cloth to get rid of any water on the outside of your ears. It is also important to start tilting your head soon after you get water in the ears. Do not ignore the area close to your ear canal.
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