Am I Having a Boy or Girl?

Knowing that you are pregnant and will soon give birth to a bundle of joy is an extraordinary feeling like none other. You will have so much going on in your mind while waiting for your baby to arrive. Something many expectant parents ask is: am I having a boy or girl? It is natural to feel curious about your baby's sex. The suspense can be quite torturous, and this makes many women go to an ultrasound technician for a clue about their baby's sex. But do you know there are other ways to predict if you are going to have a boy or girl? These old wives' tales are used long before the introduction of ultrasounds.

Boy or Girl: How Can I Tell?

While using the following ways to predict the gender of one’s baby is quite popular, there is little or no scientific evidence to back these tales. Still, it is fun to try some of them and see for yourself how accurate they turn out to be.

Check Your Eyes

Am I having a boy or girl? Go look for a mirror and check your eyes closely. You need to pull the skin under your left eye down slightly and check the pattern of the red lines. If they shape like a V, you are probably going to have a girl. If you notice straight lines, you are going to have a boy. Remember, only your left eye can reveal the truth.

Conception Behavior

According to tales, the sex of the partner that was more dominating at time of conception determines the sex of the baby.

Mood Swings

If you are feeling a bit too moody during pregnancy, you are probably going to have a girl. It happens because your estrogen levels are on the higher side.

Notice Pimples

If you notice pimples during pregnancy, you are having a girl. If you notice no skin blemishes and your skin is actually glowing, you will give birth to a boy.

Your Resting Pattern

Am I having a boy or girl? Well, if you feel comfortable resting on your left, you are more likely to have a boy. If you rest on your right side, you may have a girl instead.

Your Partner's Weight

If your partner is losing weight, you are going to have a boy. If he is gaining weight, it will be a girl.

Color of Your Areolas

You are more likely to have a boy if the color of your areola has gotten darker. You may have a girl if your areolas have not changed color or are lighter pink.

Temperature of Your Feet

Expect a boy if your feet have become colder than usual. It is a girl if you notice no change in feet temperature.

Have Headaches

If you are experiencing severe headaches, you are going to have a boy.

High or Low

Are you carrying high? Expect a girl. You may have a boy if carrying low.

Shape of Your Belly

The shape of your belly may also help make a prediction about "am I having a boy or girl". Expect a boy if it is shaped like a basketball. It is a girl if you are carrying more sideways or more pointy.

Your Baby's Heartbeat

The next time you go for an ultrasound screening, ask them the heartbeat of your baby. You may have a boy if it is lower than 140.

Consider Your Cravings

Are you craving sweets? Expect a girl. If you love eating a lot of protein like cheese and meat, you're having a boy.

More Ways to Tell

You already know some ways to predict answer to the question "am I having a boy or girl".Here are some additional signs that will help you confirm the prediction:

Expect a boy if:

  • You notice hair on your legs growing faster than usual
  • You notice bright yellow urine
  • You look more beautiful than before

Expect a girl if:

  • You notice red highlights in your hair
  • You love fruit
  • You do not look as beautiful as you usually do
  • Your urine color is dull yellow

Ultrasound and Blood Tests Are Mostly Accurate

In addition to these signs, you can also go for an ultrasound and consider its results while paying attention to the signs mentioned above. This will help you make an more accurate prediction. Ultrasound results are of above 90% accurate because the clarity of images has a role to play here. However, it is not possible to tell a difference until the 14th week of your pregnancy because both girls and boys look the same on ultrasound. You can get a better idea when you go for an ultrasound around 18 weeks of pregnancy. Still, it depends on the position of the baby in the mother's uterus.

Another good idea is to go for a blood test because it is 98-99% accurate in most cases. They test is done between 8th and 9th week of pregnancy and is called the cell-free DNA test. It also helps diagnose any chromosomal abnormalities in pregnant women.

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