Is Ice Cream Bad For You?

All the people love ice cream, especially youngsters and kids. No one can resist a delicious scoop of ice cream on a hot day in summer, including those people who say they do not love ice cream. With hundreds of flavor and beautiful colors, ice cream gradually becomes one of the indispensable roles among people’s life.

Is Ice Cream Bad for You?

Ice cream is not bad for you unless you eat too much of it. Moderate consumption of ice cream can actually bring you several health benefits with all the vitamins and minerals it contains. Below is detailed information about why eating ice cream is good:

1. It Is a Source of Energy

Ice creams brands have different nutritional content, but in general they are good sources of energy. Half a cup of ice cream contains 15 grams of carbohydrate. The same serving has 2 grams of proteins and 7 grams of fat. This makes ice cream an energy-dense food. Half a cup of vanilla ice cream gives 137 kilocalories of energy. This is almost twice the amount of energy in half a cup of milk. Eat ice cream when you want to boost your energy level or gain weight.

2. It Is Full of Vitamins

Ice cream is rich in essential nutrients. It is rich in vitamin C, B6, E, A, D, K and B12. Vitamin K is essential in the body because it helps thin out the blood and prevents blood clotting. In addition to vitamins, ice cream is rich in thiamine, antioxidants, riboflavin, and niacin. These nutrients boost the immune system and enhance the functions of nerves and organs.

3. It Is Rich in Minerals

Ice cream is rich in minerals that include phosphorus and calcium. Calcium strengthens teeth and bones and promotes the health of the cardiovascular system. Calcium also helps in maintaining healthy kidney functions. The human body does not absorb calcium properly without phosphorous. Phosphorous boosts the health of joints and prevents PMS. What’s more, these two minerals also boost your libido. It is advisable for women to choose vanilla flavors of ice cream over other brands, because the smell of vanilla ice cream increases arousal in men.

The calcium in the ice cream has another advantage: it can reduce the risk of colon cancer. In addition, calcium protects people who are at high risk from developing polyps, which can cause colon or colorectal cancer. The benefits last long after calcium supplementations stop.

4. It Brings You Good Mood

Why does it feel so good when you lick ice cream? A spoonful of ice cream does not only taste delicious but also makes you happy. Ice cream has an immediate effect on your brain as soon as you swallow it. It affects the orbitofrontal cortex, which is the pleasure center in the brain that is activated when you enjoy yourself.

The Disadvantages of Ice Cream If You Eat Too Much

Is ice cream bad for you if you eat too much of it? Every coin has two sides. You cannot ignore the negative effects of over eating ice cream. Moderation is important when eating any brand or type of ice cream. Do not take more than two tablespoons of ice cream a day. If you are unsure about the weighted health benefits in comparison to the health risks of any brand of ice cream, read the nutritional label on its container carefully. Here are the reasons why you should eat ice cream in moderation:

1. It Contains Fat

Ice cream has a high content of whole milk, which makes it rich in fat and saturated fat. The fat content provides energy, stimulates enzymes production, and protects organs from stress. However, the saturated fat can lead to weight gain and cardiovascular diseases.

2. It Is Full of Cholesterol

Eating high amounts of ice cream will increase cholesterol levels in the body. Half a cup of the vanilla flavor of ice cream has 25mg of cholesterol.

3. It Is Dense in Sugar

Is ice cream bad for you if you are diabetic? You cannot eat ice cream if you are diabetic because it has very high amounts of sugar per serving. Regular consumption causes diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and weight gain. One serving of vanilla ice cream has 40 sugar calories, which is 40% of the daily sugar consumption for both men and women.

Just for Fun: It May Enhance Your Possibility of Getting Pregnant

One of the reasons why women should eat ice cream is that consuming full-fat ice cream improves a woman’s chances of having a baby. Women who eat it at least two or more times every week have a lower risk of suffering ovulation-related infertility. Their risk is 38% lower than that of women who take full-fat ice cream less than one time in a week.

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