7 Main Pressure Points on Head

Headaches and migraines are one of the most common problems suffered by human beings across the globe. Most of the times, they are nothing to worry about. However, recurrent and severe migraines often interfere with our daily activities and we resort to medications for curing them. What people don't know is that we can also cure these ailments in a more effective and natural way. Using the pressure points on our necks or heads via careful massages or acupuncture therapies can have similar (if not better results) than a bottle of medications.

Pressure Points on Head

There are several points in your head where the application of pressure can lead to surprisingly good results. Some of these pressure points are as follow:

1. Third Eye Point

The third eye point is situated at the point on the forehead (between the two eyebrows) where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead.

Benefits: Application of pressure at this point provides relief from headaches, eye strains and ulcer pains. It also improves concentration and invigorates one's mind.

2. Bright Light

The bright light point is located just below the eyebrows towards the inner corners of the eye. There is only a distance of 1 centimeter between the Bright Light points and the Third Eye point. Benefits: Pressure applied to these pressure points on head provides relief from migraines, headaches, eye strains, allergic symptoms, hay fever, sinus problems and fatigue.

3. Facial Beauty

The Facial Beauty pressure points lie below the pupils and at the bottom of the cheekbone. Benefits: These pressure points are used to provide relief from fatigue, congestions of the nose and head, toothache and eye strains.

4. A Series of 7 Points

This series curves around the ear in the temple region. Each of these points lies at a distance of one finger width from the next one. Pressure needs to be supplied simultaneously to all these points to achieve effective results. The pressure points are named as: hairline curve, valley lead, celestial hub, floating white and head portal yin.

Benefits: The application of pressure to these seven points leads to relief from temporal headaches and migraines.

5. One Hundred Meeting Point

If you work your fingers way up from the back of the ears towards the top of the head, you will come across a slight hollow on the crown of the head between the cranial bones.

Benefits: Pressure applied to this point helps overcome headache as well as improves memory and concentration.

6. Sun Point

At the point of depression of the temples and a half inch outside the eyebrows, lies the sun point.

Benefits: Pressure applied at this pressure point improves your memory, concentration and mental state. Besides, it helps reduce dizziness and headaches.

7. Middle of a Person

This pressure point can be found at two-thirds of the distance from the upper lip to the nose. Benefits: Long term application of pressure at this point helps cure dizziness, cramps and fainting episodes. It also enhances memory and concentration.

How to Give Yourself a Relaxing Scalp Massage

Proper knowledge of the pressure points on head helps provide an extremely relaxing and effective method of getting rid of your migraine. It releases tension, increases blood circulation and enhances one's mental state.

The following are steps for performing a scalp massage:

  1. First, find a place in your room that is comfortable and noise free. Take a seat at that spot.
  2. Next, place fingers of both hands on your forehead and let them touch each other at an imaginary midline and keep your thumbs rested on the temple.
  3. Apply firm but light pressure on the forehead and then release the pressure. Repeat this.
  4. Next shift your fingers along with the thumb further up your forehead towards the hairline region. Press again and release, and repeat the steps.
  5. Now move further up with your fingers on your scalp and keep pressing and releasing with your fingers.
  6. An acupressure point lies three quarters of the distance from your hairline up your scalp. Press your scalp at this point and release.
  7. Keep moving downwards towards your neck with your fingers and keep massaging various pressure points on head.
  8. Once you reach the base of your skull, move all the way back to the forehead again. This time place your fingers half an inch away from the imaginary midline of your forehead and work all the way up like earlier in this new position.
  9. Again get back to the forehead and this time place your fingers at an inch's gap from the midline and work your way up. Once you get used to this procedure, synchronize it with your breathing. Inhale while you press and exhale while you release.

Know how to massage your scalp to relax yourself from this video: 

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