Pressure Points on the Body

There are believed to be around 400 pressure points on the body, some of which, when manipulated in the correct manner, can offer relief from pain for people of all ages, such as headache, backache, neck pain, etc. Continue reading to find out where these pressure points are to relieve your problem.

Pressure Points on the Body for Common Pains

As mentioned, many common pain problems may be helped by stimulating the right pressure points across the body. Some common pains and the corresponding pressure points to stimulate are listed below:

1.   Headache

Headaches are very common amongst many individuals, whilst they are often mild, they can cause much discomfort on occasions, as well as cognitive and physical impairment. Pressure points to headache relief include:

  • ŸThird eye point, between the two eyebrows that the bridge of the nose connect with the forehead
  • ŸThe base of the skull, the back of your head where your skull meets your neck
  • ŸWelcome fragrance, both sides of the nostril.  

2.   Toothache

Toothaches can be extremely painful at times, and the pain can be hard to subdue. Many factors can cause toothache, including bad oral hygiene and gum disease. Pressure points on the body that can help with toothaches include:

  • ŸJaw chariot, between the lower and upper jaw, you can feel it when slightly clenching the back teeth
  • ŸFacial beauty, at the bottom of one's cheekbone, beneath the pupil directly,
  • ŸJoining the valley, at the top of the webbing that joins the index finger and the thumb (although this should be avoided by pregnant women).

3.   Neck Pain

The neck consists of various bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints. Pain in the neck can arise from tension, strain, or other instances. Pressure points that can help relieve neck pain include:

  • ŸDrilling bamboo, the top of the nose where the nose meets the eyebrows,
  • ŸWind mansion, the center of a large hallow in the back of the head,
  • ŸWindow of heaven, the back of the neck, about two inches back away from the earlobes.

4.   Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is perhaps the most mobile joint in the body, meaning it may be prone to injury, inflammation, instability, arthritis, etc., causing extreme pain. Pressure points that may offer relief when stimulated include:

  • ŸInner court, the web between one's second and third toes on top of your foot
  • ŸOn the back of one's shoulder, around a thumb's width above the end of one's armpit.
  • ŸCross your arms, then there will be a vertical grove formed on front of your shoulder, then you can press the center of the groove to relieve shoulder pain

5.   Back Pain

Many individuals complain about back pain, which can be caused by numerous things including bad posture, lack of maneuvering, spasms, and strains. The pressure points on the body for back pain relief include:

  • ŸThe lower back at the end of the spine where a hollow is evident,
  • ŸAt the joint where the 1st and 2nd toe bones meet,
  • ŸThe middle of the hollow at the back of the knee cap.

6.   Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain can be dull or extremely sharp, and occur frequently. In most instances, the pain is caused by non-serious problems, and may be relieved by stimulating the following pressure points:

  • The point at the top of the crease in one's elbow at the joint's end,
  • ŸMiddle cavity, between the breast bone and the belly button,
  • ŸGrandfather-grandson, on the side of inner foot, about four fingers width from the great toe.

7.   Knee Pain

Knee pain is very common, especially amongst adults and the elderly. The most common cause of this occurrence is torn cartilage or ligaments, or arthritis. The pressure points for knee pain relief include:

  • ŸCalf' s nose, just below the kneecap on the outer side/indentation,
  • ŸThree mile point, around four fingers width below one's kneecap and one fingers width outside of the shinbone,
  • ŸCommanding activity, behind the knee and where the crease ends when bending.

8.   Foot/Ankle Pain

This pain is often caused by injury to the area, such as spraining or twisting the ankle joint, among other things. One may be able to relive such pain by stimulating the following pressure points on the body:

  • ŸThe center of  the front surface of one's ankle joint,
  • ŸInner court, the web between one's second and third toes on top of your foot
  • ŸHigh mountains, before one's Achilles tendon at the back of your ankle.