15 Psychological Facts to Know What Boys Are Thinking About

Girls need more than just experience to understand what a guy really wants. So, dating a few boys will not put you in a better position to understand them better and you have to get in conversation with them. But, you may not have that much of time to get to know a boy in your life. Don't worry. Here we tell you how boys think to help you get into the mind of your boy.

Interesting Psychological Facts About Boys

You work in an office with men of your age or even older. How do you know what exactly they think about different things and how they react in different situations? You may have someone in your life who you want to know better. Well, you can understand them better now.

1. They Love Women with a Bone Structure Similar to Their Mother's

It has something to do with sexual imprinting, which is a process used by young animals to learn the characteristics of a desirable mate. It means a boy will feel more attracted to you if your bone structure resembles that of his mother.

2. They Always Find Younger Women More Attractive

Biologically speaking, men get attracted towards younger females because they believe they are at their peak of reproductive years.

3. They Think an Hourglass Figure Is More Attractive

Okay, that is not a surprise entry, is it? But, why do you think men get attracted to slender waists between large breasts and hips? That may be mainly because these features directly correlate with reproductive ability.

4. They Get Attracted to Feminine Women

Estrogen slows down bone growth in the chin, lower face and brow, so women with higher levels of estrogen are more likely to be shorter and have bigger eyes. This makes them look feminine and attractive to boys.

5. They Love Big Butts

One of many psychological facts about boys is that they always admire big butts. They may say they do not but that will be a lie. Fat storage in the buttock area is usually an indicator for good hormonal balance and efficient metabolism and is attractive to boys. It is quite opposite to fat storage in the belly area, which is often a turn off for most men.

6. They Cannot Resist the Temptation of Cleavages

Yes, that is true. Even if you think your man is the finest man alive, he just cannot keep himself from peeking at a girl's cleavage when the girl is not looking. Do not bash him for that!

7. They Love Women with Thicker, Longer Hair

Start paying more attention to your hair to look more attractive to men! They just cannot ignore your hair. Hair volume, color and luster are all indicators of age and health, and men subconsciously associate higher quality hair with young, beautiful and more fertile women.

8. Looks Are Not All That Matter

Yes, men are visual and love what they see. But looks alone cannot keep the male mind attracted. If you think he will be with you forever just because you look stunning, you'd better think again.

9. They Feel Less Attracted to Women Who Cry Often

One of many interesting psychological facts about boys is that they do not feel attracted to females who cry often. Biologically speaking, there is something in human tears that lowers levels of testosterone in men. So, do not always rely on your tears to make him agree to what you are saying. Try other tricks!

10. They Are Not Afraid of Commitments

You may have every reason to believe that boys are inherently terrified of being committed to one person, but that is not the case. The problem here is that boys associate commitment with lose of freedom and inability to pursue whatever they want. But you can make things right by like not looking desperate to be with him. Just make him believe that the life will become even more exciting when he commits to you and he will take the next step for sure.

11. Their Self-Esteem Revolves Around Their Sexual Ability

There is no better way to make a man less of a man by making him feel sexually rejected. It hurts their pride badly when they feel the woman they are in relationship with does not desire them sexually. Give their self-esteem a boost by praising them like what they do to you in bed. They will love you more for this!

12. They Love Things That Do Not Come Easy

The male mind is programmed in a way to love things more when they are earned. Do not look too desperate for someone you like. Make it difficult for him to get you and he will love you more.

13. They Hate It When You Flirt With Another Guy

Another fact in the list of interesting psychological facts about boys is that they never like it when you flirt with someone else. They feel threatened by this behavior. At the same time, they feel like on top of the world when you ignore others pursuers and just want to be with him. If you want him to love you more, make him feel lucky by ignoring others.

14. They Love Porn

It is natural for boys to feel attracted to porn from a very young age because of their curiosity to know more about the female anatomy. Just do not hate him for watching porn – it is a helpless addiction for most of them!

15. They Hate Going to the Doctor

Do you ever wonder why men you know do not want to see the doctor? This makes them feel emasculated – that is why! 

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