Suppository for Babies

After about ten months, you finally get to meet your little angle face to face. However, you need to pay attention to so many things after you give birth to a healthy baby since many things can affect their health, and one common problem that may affect them is uncomfortable constipation. If you notice your baby to have pellet-like bowel movements, the chances are they have infant constipation. Your baby will also feel pain while having a bowel movement. So, is there nothing you can do about it? Of course, you can do something. And as the last choice, you can give suppository for babies to help resolve the issue.

What Is Suppository for Babies?

Glycerin suppository acts as a laxative and helps relieve constipation. It is available in a small missile shaped capsules and serves as a treatment option if your baby has not had a bowel movement for the last 4-5 days. You may also consider giving suppository for babies with abdominal pain or dark-colored stool. It is a good idea to discuss the problem with your doctor.

You can easily find glycerin suppository in the nearby drugstore and give it to your baby even if he/she is a few weeks old. It is safe in most cases and quite effective. You just need to insert it half-inch inside your baby's rectum to make it work. It irritates the inner lining of the intestine to increase the flow of water that softens up the stool and initiates a bowel movement. If your doctor recommends using suppository for babies, be sure to inform them about any medications or treatment your baby is already taking.

Is It Safe to Use Suppository for Babies?

Using suppository is usually a safe choice, but these rectal laxatives may cause some side effects as well. The most obvious problem is that your baby will cry a lot while you insert the suppository. This happens because the process triggers a painful sensation in the rectum area. Trying too hard to insert the suppository may lead to rectum bleeding. This usually takes place as internal bleeding and is noticeable in the stool. What's more, while the suppository for babies works effectively, its effects may last for several hours after the bowel movement, which may also result in diarrhea.

To avoid these side effects, you should use these laxatives as the last resort. Before trying anything, you should determine what is normal for your baby. It is sometimes okay for babies to wait a day or so before having a bowel movement, while other babies may have a bowel movement after every feeding. You need to know your baby's individual patterns before trying any treatment option. Even you already make sure your baby has constipation, you can first try some other methods to initiate a bowel movement before using suppository, which have been listed in the video below.

Babies who are on formula and eat solid food are more likely to have a regular movement once a day. There is no schedule though for babies who are breastfed. Some breastfed babies may have one bowel movement a week.

How to Insert Suppository for Babies

If you have made certain changes to the diet of your baby and tried other simpler ways to relieve constipation, the chances are you have already sorted out the problem. If it persists, you may consider making use of suppository for babies. Before using these laxatives, you need to have correct information about the usage. Failing to use it properly will not initiate any bowel movement whatsoever. It means your baby will bear the pain for nothing. So bear the following in mind when inserting suppository for babies.

  1. Never try to insert it when your baby is in standing position. Make sure they are lying down on the back before going any further.
  2. Get the suppository out of the pack and insert it into the rectum using your fingers. Wear gloves if you want to.
  3. Make sure the pointed end of the glycerin suppository is towards the rectal area. Insert it very slowly and use petroleum jelly on the pointed area to make in slide in with ease.
  4. Keep in mind that a gentle push will do.

Once you have inserted it successfully, move your baby's legs in a pedaling motion to activate rectal muscles. This will encourage bowel evacuation. You may also consider massaging their stomach area to assist in stool removal.

It is important to bear in mind that glycerin suppositories are available in different sizes. Be sure to ask for the suppository for babies. Never try to insert the adult size into your baby's rectum. You should talk to your doctor before using these suppositories. They will help you learn about the right size and dosage to avoid any side effects. Most suppositories for babies usually contain 0.90ml of glycerin and weigh around 1.26g. 

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