Foods That Cause Constipation

There can be many different causes of constipation but what you eat will have a direct impact on how easy or difficult it becomes to pass stools in the morning. You're more likely to face this issue if you're on a low fiber diet. Not drinking enough water, ignoring the urge to go, and maintaining an inactive lifestyle are some other common causes of constipation. Using specific supplements or medications and some underlying medical conditions may also lead to constipation. However, in order to avoid the problem, you should start by knowing well about the foods that cause constipation.

15 Foods That Cause Constipation

Although there are a number of foods that may lead to constipation, here is a list of 15 foods that are the obvious culprits that people usually include in their diet.

1.  Milk

High-fat milk can slow down the digestion process and even cause gas due to lactose. You may consider going for almond milk instead of regular milk because it is lactose-free and also contains some fiber that keep your digestive system healthy.

2.  Egg

If your diet includes eggs, this may well be a reason why you are constipated most of the time. Eggs contain fat and are low in fiber, so they are quite likely to cause constipation.

3.  Beef

Beef is also among the foods that cause constipation, especially if you're not eating enough high-fiber veggies with it. Meat has no fiber at all, and you'll definitely face constipation if you're also eating other low-fiber foods at the same time.

4.  Red Meat

Red meat is difficult to digest mainly due to its low fiber and high fat content. Your body cannot digest meat quickly; in fact, it takes your body up to 90 hours to partially digest red meat.

5.  Cheese

Cheese may lead to constipation because it is high in fat and contains lactose as well. If you're already constipated, you should ensure your diet doesn't include cheese.

6.  Chocolate

Chocolate isn't great for someone prone to becoming constipated after eating specific foods. Its high fat content makes it difficult for your body to digest it quickly. It may also have caffeine, which will make you feel dehydrated – another factor contributing to constipation.

7.  Chips

Chips may be one of the most popular munching snacks, but it is also in the list of foods that cause constipation. Chips are high in fat and low in fiber. Eating chips will slow down your digestion process. If you really want to eat chips, be sure to opt for whole grains instead of potato chips.

8.  Rice

Rice is a cereal grain that contributes towards constipation. Known for its binding abilities, rice does contain fiber depending on the outer layer of the grain, but it leads to constipation because these are indigestible fibers. Foods rich in indigestible fibers will obstruct the bowel movement causing constipation. You will be better off eating brown rice instead of white rice.

9.  Wheat

It's the third most produced cereal grain in the world and is among the list of foods that cause constipation. Even though wheat has fibers, it may still cause constipation, which is mainly because it also contains opioids peptides that can lead to paralysis of the gut. Your body cannot digest food without muscular contractions in your digestive tract, and wheat can interfere with those contractions. If you often feel constipated, it could be because you eat wheat in different food items, such as pizzas, pastas, bread, doughnuts, etc.

10.  Unripe Banana

The effect a banana leaves on your gut usually depends on how ripe it is. Green, unripe bananas have a lot of starch content, so it is difficult for your digestive system to digest it. Ripe bananas are an excellent source of soluble fibers, so they promote healthy bowel movements. Unripe bananas have pectin that binds stool and absorbs water from the intestinal tract. This also leads to hardening of stool and causes constipation.

11.  Yogurt

Yogurt is usually an entry on many healthy food lists, but it may not suit everyone because it's a dairy-based food after all. You are more likely to develop constipation if you're eating Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt.

12.  Caffeine

Who doesn't know about the harmful effects of caffeine? Yet another reason why you should avoid caffeine as much as you can is that it also belongs to the foods that cause constipation. Avoid aerated drinks, coffee, black tea and other caffeinated drinks as much as you can, or it will cause dehydration that will eventually lead to constipation. It is also a diuretic, which means you will be urinating more after drinking caffeinated drinks. This will again affect your bowel movement.

13.  Gluten

Gluten may not cause constipation in every case, but you may end up developing constipation if you have any gluten allergies. It is a good idea to talk to your doctor to confirm if gluten intolerance is causing constipation and other gastrointestinal symptoms in your case.

14.  Sugar Products

Sugar coated products, such as cookies, cakes, pastries and pies, are loaded with refined carbohydrates and are low in fiber, protein and fluid. It is, therefore, important to avoid eating high amounts of sugar products to reduce the risk of developing chronic constipation.

15.  Processed Foods

Processed foods and fast foods like corn chips, pizzas, mashed potatoesand frozen foods don't contain enough fiber, so they can cause constipation. Include more fresh and unprocessed food in your diet for a healthy bowel movement. 

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