Can You Be Pregnant to Have Sex in a Hot Tub?

Sex can often be a taboo topic to discuss. This leads to many misunderstandings, misguided information and straight up myths about the topic. For instance, how many have been given advice or warnings about having sex in water? From the ocean to your pool and even your hot tub, people seem to have contradicting points of view on whether you can become pregnant or not. In this article, we'll cover the questions like whether you will get pregnant in a hot tub and other risks while in a hot tub.


Can You Get Pregnant in a Hot Tub?

Since the temperature in a hot tub is rather high, many believe this reduces their risk of becoming pregnant. While staying in a hot tub for more than 30 minutes can lower sperm count slightly, it does not eliminate the possibility of becoming pregnant or even significantly reduces the risk. Even though the temperature may lower the sperm count, when you take into consideration that most men ejaculate over 200 sperm at a time, it has little effect on the chances of not becoming pregnant. What should be considered more is that having sex in a hot tub does increase the chance of the condom breaking, since the heat from the water plus the chemicals can weaken the condom, which may actually increase the pregnancy chance.

Can you become pregnant if someone ejaculates into the hot tub water?

You don't need to worry about becoming pregnant in this condition. There would be no physical contact for the sperm and unless the sperm was ejaculated incredibly close to the female anatomy or there was some kind of manipulation to the female anatomy so the sperm could be inserted, pregnancy would not be possible.

Sperm also prefers and thrive in temperatures that are 98.6 degrees, the temperature of a human body. Sperm tends to die rather quickly when not in the human body even if the water is hot. In any case, the man would have to ejaculate into the female for pregnancy to occur. So the answer to “can you get pregnant in a hot tub” is no.

More Things to Know About Having Sex in a Hot Tub

1. Your vaginal mucosal skin can get burned.

The vagina has a mucosal skin that helps keep it protected. The high temperature of a hot tub can cause this protective skin to burn, which can result in irritating and increase the number of bacteria that gets let in.

2. Vaginal infection.

The chlorination used in the water in hot tubs can affect the pH balance in the vagina. This change in pH levels can cause bacterial or yeast infections to occur. If you are prone to urinary tract infections, then having sex in a hot tub can increase the chances even more.

3. You can still get an STI.

Having sex in a hot tub doesn't reduce your risk of contracting an STD or STI. In fact, you can actually increase the chances of the occurring. While you might think that the high temperature in the water along with the chemicals would kill off harmful bacteria, but this is not the case. The water can actually cause micro-tears to occur in the vaginal skin which increases the chance of you contracting an STI or STD. Your chance increases even more when you don't use a condom. Can you get pregnant in a hot tub is a definite yes, just like you can become exposed to an STI.

4. You can get a nasty rash.

Hot tubs are known to cause pseudomonas folliculitis or hot tub folliculitis. While this isn't an STI, it does occur when you spend a significant amount of time in a hot tub. The effect that the hot tub has on the skin can cause it to itch and break out in bumps. This rash can be quite unattractive, and it usually clears up on its own after a week. However, if you scratch or pick at the rash or spend more time in a hot tub after the rash has formed, it can take months for it to go away.

5. It's not the most comfortable location to have sex.

Having sex in a hot tub may not be as enjoyable as you would think. Consider how your fingers begin to prune and feel rough after being in the water for too long. The extra water exposure, as well as the chemicals used to sterilize the water, can lead to a lot of irritation during sex. While using a lubricant may help alleviate some of the discomforts, it still might not be enough for both of you to enjoy the act fully. Instead of asking “can you get pregnant in a hot tub”, you might want to ask if it is really the place you want to be having sex in the first place.

6.Consider a hot shower.

Getting it on in the shower can be a much better alternative to the hot tub. Not only is this a more hygienic place to have sex for women, it greatly reduces many health risks that come with having sex in a hot tub.

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