Is Coke Zero Bad for You?

Made by the Coca-Cola Company, Coke Zero is a sugar-free soda. It serves as an alternative to the traditional diet calorie-free Diet Coke. Zero refers to the fact that it contains no calories. Coke Zero is an increasingly popular drink and is widely available in most grocery stores. Many people think that since it contains no calories, it is safe to drink. Is it really true? Can you have as much of it as you like? Keep reading to find your answer.

Is Coke Zero Bad for You?

Although Coke Zero contains no fat, calories, or sugar, it's still not a good choice if you consume it in large amounts. Some ingredients such as aspartame is not good for individuals with genetic disorder; phosphoric acid can weaken your bone; and potassium benzoate, a kind of food preservative, is made of benzoate which may lead to cancer when used in large quantity.

Nine Reasons to Give up Coke Zero

If you have been drinking Coke Zero for quite some time without ever asking "is Coke Zero bad for you", you need to consider the following reasons to stop drinking it from today.

1. It Causes Insomnia

Drinking it too close to bed may cause insomnia due to the presence of caffeine. Studies show that consuming caffeine within four hours of going to bed may lead to several sleep problems. People who are insomniac are more sensitive to caffeine and its effects.

2. It Contains Aspartame

Coke Zero may not contain sugar, but it contains a sugar substitute called Aspartame. Studies have confirmed that aspartame may cause anxiety, birth defects, seizures, spasm, shooting pains, methanol toxicity, depression, multiple sclerosis, headaches, memory loss and systemic lupus.

3. It Has No Nutritional Value

Is Coke Zero bad for you? When you ask this question, you may also wonder if it offers any benefits as well. It contains no carbs, fat, calories, sugars, or cholesterol, but its nutritional value is zero too. You will not find any fiber, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, or calcium in this drink. It becomes even worse when young people take it as a substitute to milk and other healthy beverages that may contain vitamin D, calcium, and protein.

4. It Causes Obesity

You may think it is a great choice for those who want to lose weight because it contains zero calories, sugars, and carbs. The truth is that drinking Coke Zero regularly increases your risk of becoming obese. You may increase your waistline by 500% for drinking two or more cans a day. The reason is that artificial sweeteners present in Coke Zero affect your body's ability to regulate calorie intake. You are more likely to overeat if you consume diet foods more often.

5. It Affects Your Bones

Many people do not know that both diet and regular sodas can be extremely bad for their bone health. If you drink diet soda excessively, you are more likely to develop osteoporosis. The condition usually affects old people, but drinking diet soda will make you deal with it at an early age.

6. It Affects Your Kidneys

Studies show that excessive intake of diet soda may lead to a drop in kidney function. When your kidneys fail to function properly, you may develop other conditions such as hypertension and diabetes.

7. It Damages Your Teeth

Is Coke Zero bad for your oral health? Coke Zero and other carbonated beverages contain ingredients that are extremely damaging for your teeth. If you drink it heavily and do not maintain good oral habits, you are more likely to deal with issues such as erosion, halitosis, enamel damage and toothaches. You may not be able to smile because of yellow teeth.

8. It Increase Your Acidity

Most people love Coke Zero due to its thirst-quenching acidity. Not many people know that this acidity makes use of a food acid called phosphoric acid which is the same substance used to remove rust. They have also used sodium citrates to add that acidity to your drink. It is the same substance used in photography–it is also used as an anticoagulant for blood.

9. It Contains Acesulfame Potassium

You may be wondering why Coke Zero does not contain sugar but still tastes sweet. One main reason is that it contains a compound called acesulfame potassium that gives it a sweet taste. Many studies have confirmed that this substance may cause cancer. It is definitely yet another reason to stop drinking Coke Zero.

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